Using the most advanced opinion research techniques, we help political parties and leaders, organizations, and corporations develop research-based winning strategies that move opinions and help clients reach their objectives.



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JPM Strategic Solutions uses research methods to develop communications strategies and works closely with the client to assist in implementation. Accurate and reliable research develops effective strategies, but it takes close collaboration with clients to bring the strategies to life.


Accurate & Deeper Opinion Research

Our track record of accurate research results throughout the world is based on our deep understanding of survey and focus group methodology. We work extremely closely with our local research partners to implement proven and advanced methodologies while gaining a deeper understanding of local norms. Our accurate results have allowed us to build long-term, trusting relationships with clients who can rely on our results and strategic advice. Aside from the accuracy of our research, the key to developing our research-based strategies comes from using opinion research to gain deeper understanding. Merely asking vote or reputation questions alone does not allow for effective and targeted strategies. Our research goes much deeper to understand the undercurrents and complexities in opinions and, most importantly, what it will take to move those opinions. This and our campaign experience make up the foundation of our strategic advice.

  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth-interviews (IDIs)
  • Exit polls

Campaign Organization

We understand that campaigns are not won on strategy alone; they are won with the ability to implement strategy. Whether political or advocacy campaigns, the ability to implement is grounded in a deep understanding of what works and does not work in a cultural and country specific setting. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to campaigns but use our intensive and world-wide campaign experience to help develop the right approaches to move opinions and meet objectives. We assess a campaign's organization and limitations and pull together a team to help where each campaign needs it the most. During the campaign, we work closely with local campaign staff to gain a better understanding of the local dynamics and transfer the knowledge base for future campaigns.

  • Campaign planning
  • Earned media
  • Paid media
  • Social media
  • Targeting and vote analysis
  • Field operations
  • Opposition research
  • Speech and talking points writing

About Us


John Moreira - President

Having worked in over 50 countries, John Moreira has over 20 years of opinion research and campaign experience.  He has earned a reputation as one of the leading experts in survey and focus group methodologies, particularly in developing countries, and has accurately predicted elections throughout the world. As a veteran strategist and former Vice-President at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Moreira's campaign and research experience has helped bring political leaders and parties to power in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States. His expertise has also helped organizations such as the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the World Bank, USAID, among others, in developing advocacy campaigns and democracy building in developing countries throughout the world. He also works with corporations, such as Boeing and Fitch Ratings, to help manage corporate reputation.


Ashley Warren - Associate

Ashley Warren has experience conducting public opinion research and analysis in countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe. She facilitates the implementation and evaluation of data collection from start to finish and has collaborated on campaign plans and media strategies for political parties, corporations, and media groups. She specializes in conducting focus groups abroad and managing local vendors.


Growing small parties - a case study in Albania

Smaller political parties and independent candidates often struggle to break into political environments where major parties dominate. Lëvijza Socialiste për Integrim (LSI) was one of more than thirty "smaller parties" in Albania, seeking to become a legitimate political force. Since Moreira began working with LSI in 2009, the party has tripled its vote count and more than quadrupled its seats in parliament. Through a deep understanding of the nuances of Albania’s culture and political climate – understanding that was built through a long-term relationship of collaboration with the client – JPM has accurately predicted Albanian elections and successfully implemented campaign strategies that have produced unprecedented growth for LSI.

Party Vote Growth Since Working with JPM

*First parliamentary election in which client ran independently, instead of in a coalition

JPM consistently uses focus groups and surveys to understand voter attitudes and perceptions. JPM has provided LSI with all aspects of campaign planning: strategic communications, voter targeting, traditional and social media development, and campaign infrastructure. JPM maintains a presence on the ground during the pre-campaign and campaign period and is available around the clock during this time to respond to political developments in real time and adjust messaging when necessary. JPM also provides services such as speech-writing, crisis management, international outreach, and social media management.  

Democracy-Building with NDI

JPM has worked with National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia to assist leaders, governments, and international agencies in better understanding the complex dynamics of public opinion. 

Since 2010 in Iraq, we conducted over 100 focus groups and In-Depth Interviews, 13 national surveys, and numerous oversample surveys among specific target segments (i.e. minority groups, political, tribal, and community leaders, IDPs, etc.). This research provided NDI and Iraq’s political leaders with a deeper understanding of the country’s tensions, what the public and various segments want, and how to move public opinion.  In 2014, we accurately predicted the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections through a deep understanding of how public attitudes drive election results.

In The Gambia, we worked with NDI to build local capacity to conduct public opinion research through an on-the-ground training of the most modern research techniques led by JPM. We then conducted focus groups and a national survey to gain insight into Gambian attitudes and concerns regarding potential constitutional reforms. This research provided NDI and political leaders valuable understanding of the country’s climate at a critical time, following the landmark 2016 election and the re-introduction of freedom of speech and movement to the country. 

In addition, we have also conducted research for NDI projects in Pakistan, Cambodia, Morocco, Nepal, and Yemen.

Supporting economic development with the World Bank

JPM has created communications strategies for The World Bank in Europe and the Middle East to promote projects supporting small businesses and economic development. Our successful communications strategies are the result of deep analysis of public opinion research, carried out with local vendors and tailored to each country’s unique cultural and economic environment. 

In Qatar, we conducted focus groups and in-depth interviews with government officials and small business owners to assess the state of the public procurement process and its accessibility to local small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Analysis of the research was used to create a dynamic communications strategy for the World Bank and the Qatar Development Bank aimed at enhancing local SME participation in public procurement through an action plan consisting of messaging, outreach, branding and events.

In 2017, JPM worked with the World Bank and the Kuwait National Fund to assess and track SME confidence in Kuwait through quarterly surveys of business owners. For this project, JPM created a Business Confidence Index for the World Bank, which was able to track overall business optimism for the country, as well as optimism in categories such as performance, investment, profit, and employment across segments including business size and sector. Our analysis of the Business Confidence Surveys was used to gain insight into how to best foster local SME growth and gain support for economic reforms pertaining to SME development. 

Growing small parties

Democracy-Building with NDI

Supporting economic development with the World Bank

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